I am available for recording work on guitar, hybrid guitarbass, bass guitar, violin, keyboards, pedal steel guitar and banjo. Click on an individual instrument for more information and specific demos. See also my other musicians page for other instruments. String arrangements and backing vocal harmonies can be written and recorded to suit your song. Click here for a video demonstration of my session recording.
Guitars available are: Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster, Yamaha MSG, Hofner President (with Zoller Shadow Pickup), Epiphone Flying V, Cort headless guitar with Bareknuckle pickups. ZB custom pedal steel guitar. Ozark 5-string banjo. Amplifiers are Fender Blues Deluxe, Roland JC-120, Roland Cube 30x, Hohner Vendetta 30LV and a POD. I have two mandolins, a banjo-ukulele and a sitar.
Bass Guitars available are: Fender Precision, Fender Jazz, Epiphone Firebird, Peavey Fretless. Amplifiers are EBS Classic line with 4 by 10 cabinet, and a Trace Elliot SMX 1215 combo.
My hybrid guitarbass is a 1972 Fender Musicmaster.
Keyboards available are: Nord Electro 2, Roland VK-7, Roland FP-4, Roland MKS-50 and Yamaha YC-45D electone organ (sounds great!). EMU E5000 sampler also available, together with Logic Pro “soft synths”.
mp3 “remote recording sessions” are also available - simply send me your song (the quality of the mp3 should be at least 120kbps) with the specific tempo, and I will record parts, sending them back to you either in mp3 format (at least 160kbps, but preferably 320kbps), or wav/aiff format up to 96kHz, 24bit(subject to limitations of the email system). For a nominal fee, I can transfer files to CD and send them to you through the post. This is often the most preferred option due to the file sizes involved, and for backup purposes. For convenience, all tracks are cleaned and made ready for the mixing process without the need for extra time “denoising” or fading the start and end of audio files. All files start on the first beat of the bar.
Contact me for a quotation. I am based in Dorset, but can travel.
Here are some samples of my work, with all instruments played by me:
All tracks ©2008 Dan Baker Music.
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