If you have a song written (maybe on solo guitar or piano) and wish to complete it using actual instruments (these are of course far more preferable to generic MIDI sounds), I can work closely with you to produce the final product, recording, mixing and mastering it to your specification, with optional musical input whenever you require. This provides a cost-effective solution to your musical needs. I play all the instruments you hear on this website, though the drums are programmed using the large array of acoustic drum sounds available. A real drummer is available, and I work with a number of drummers, all of whom can work closely to your musical theme.
Email me with an mp3 or .wav file, and I will contact you to discuss further. All that is required to get started is a tempo. A detailed chord chart is produced for your song (see also Sheet Music Services), and any additional musical notation required for recording will be given to you at the end of the session if you intend to perform your tunes live with a band.
I work with radio and television production companies, preparing sound-bites and music for advertising, and am able to provide a quick turnaround, with a mixed and mastered product in a variety of formats (mp3, wav, aiff at sampling rates up to 96kHz). Click here for examples of my work.
Contact me for more details, or to talk through your song ideas.