I have experience working for EMI studios at the Townhouse Studio in London, where I was involved with the installation of complete studio commissions, together with routine maintenance tasks, and repairs to professional recording and audio equipment. I also worked at DEP international studios in Birmingham (home of UB40), where I was chief maintenance engineer, responsible for the complete electronic refurbishment of the studio complex.
Bespoke studio electronic installations are created on site, designing patchbays, completing all cabling, with pre-cut cable lengths, and harnessing of cables and connectors to provide a stress-free and ergonomically pleasing system, able to withstand years of use. Neutrik connectors are utilised throughout, to ensure accurate and transparent reproduction and conveyance of audio signals.
As a guide, a 24-input mixing desk, with the associated patchbay and outboard gear will take three days to wire up completely, and all installations are fully tested against the failure of connectors and patch cabling.
Communication with the client on an ongoing basis is provided, with optional tuition of Logic and Cubase applications, together with musical session work if required.
All installations include full labelling of cables and patchbay, together with a detailed wiring diagram of the installation, for ease with future expansion or modifications you may wish to make.
Existing studios can be modified for further expansion or re-arranging.
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